Why Kusha Kapila Being Dramatic? From Her Divorce To Facing Criticism

Kusha Kapila has been in the headlines for several days after announcing her divorce from Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia.

Content creator and social media influencer Kusha Kapila has been in the headlines for several days after announcing her divorce from Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. After the announcement on social media, there were a variety of responses; some of them were problematic, others were mostly misogynistic. Many of them blamed Kusha Kapila, whose popularity has increased in the last few years, for cheating in a relationship based on rumours. A day after the announcement, Ahliwalia defended Kapila after she was severely criticised on social media. He wrote, “With Kusha being subject to vile attacks online, it makes me sad and disappointed. To attack Kusha’s character and paint her as some villain is shameful. Let’s all please do better.”

Now Kusha Kapila is calling out people who are writing articles against her. However, Kusha’s way of handling the situation is not right. It so happened that recently a publication wrote about Kusha and Zorawar that “Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Ahluwalia are getting trolled for no reason, and it’s not cool.”

Then Kusha took to her Instagram stories and called out the publication by saying, “Says the website that was the first to publish a garbage article, picking “story pegs” from gossipy YouTube videos and alike without proof, did not take any statement from me, proudly put it on their Instagram story, and hasn’t yet responded to my DM calling them out. You have enabled this widespread sl tshaming, abusing, trolling of my family, friends, colleagues SO SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN.” 

She further wrote, “don’t pretend to be in my corner. Get over it and — move on. Also, stop tagging me in your stories.”

After that, the publication also apologised to Kusha and said that they had removed the article.

Then Kusha posted more stories and wrote that this topic is over for her. Added, Also, “I have restricted countless profiles over the last two weeks, restricted words, sanitised comment sections, and hopefully, we are at the tail end of it but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen how so many of you have fought with these nalayak behuda macchars with logic and so much dignity. It sucks that you have to do this but I promise that I am sanitizing this feed slowly but steadily.”

See, it is absolutely right that it is Kusha’s life and that whatever decision she takes, people should not point fingers at her or anyone else. But many trolled Kusha for her divorce.

And in the meantime, her interview with Karan Johar also went viral, in which she talked about sexual infidelity is not infidelity.

But the way Khusha was getting angry because someone is writing articles based on the interview that she herself gave or any rumours the publications are reporting, it doesn’t mean that Kusha can bash them.

And there is a genuine reason for this. The reason is that Kusha also used to write such articles earlier. For the unversed, earlier in her career, she used to work with iDiva.

But at that time, non-actresses called out Kusha and asked why she had written about them. And talking about trolling, articles are based on the opinions of people; it is not like publications write articles and then people start trolling celebrities.

So Kusha should also not bashing others according to her convenience.

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