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Why Are Bollywood Films Failing At The Box Office? Mukesh Bhatt Answers!

With the plight of Bollywood films in a fickle, here's why Mahesh Bhatt believes Bollywood is failing hard these days! Read to know more!

2022 proved to be a much more successful year, in terms of box office collection at least, for South Industry as against Bollywood. Movies like Pushpa, RRR, KGF and now Vikram are turning out to be huge successes at the box office whereas Bollywood is still struggling to make a decent cut at the box office. After back-to-back flops like Jersey, Bachchan Pandey, Prithviraj Samrat, Dhaakad, Jayeshbhai Jordaar and many others failed miserably at the box office, with only a handful of movies like Gangubai Kathiawadi, Bhool Bhulaiya 2 and Kashmir Files saving the day for Bollywood.

When even the charms of superstars, who’ve been known to deliver hits for decades look clueless now, it really makes one Onder, what really is going on with Bollywood? Director Mukesh Bhatt although, doesn’t seem all that clueless, as he has the answer to this bizarre situation. According to Bhatt, the problem is with the narrative as he believes that the transition from theatres to OTT platforms has made things different now. He believes people are now more aware of content that is good.

“The narrative must change. Due to the pandemic, the OTT has come to the forefront. Audiences are now aware of good kinds of content. You can’t provide them with content that was being given to them before the pandemic. We are done with that kind of narrative. We have to change with time. The generation is changing and if you don’t change, you’ll be left behind. What’s happening in Bollywood right now is that people are making setups, not films. Setups don’t work, films work” he said.

He further reveals how directors and makers these days are more concerned about strategizing the film ‘economically’. “Nobody is making a movie anymore. They are all trading. Itne mein bana lo, itne mein becho aur itna paisa andar karo. It’s a con game happening. We used to never do that. We’ll be like ‘Kahani excite karti hai. Toh chalo banate hai’! That imaandari is gone” he said.

He recently also shared his views on Mahesh Babu claiming Bollywood can’t afford him. “If Bollywood can’t afford his price, then very good. I wish him all the best. I respect where he comes from. He has talent and he has an ‘X’ value for the talent that he has generated over the years. He is a very successful actor and keeping to his requisite of what he wants to get in terms of gratification of our films, if Bollywood cannot work to his expectations, then there is nothing wrong with it. I wish him all the best. Each one to its own” he responded.

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Bhatt has directed some of the classic hits like Aashiqui, Murder, Raaz, Ghulam, Aashiqui 2, Dil hai ke manta nahi, etc.

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