Who Is Sidhartha Mallya’s Fiancée, Jasmine?

Here's everything you need to know about Sidhartha Mallya’s long-term girlfriend and now his fiancee, Jasmine.

Sidhartha Mallya, son of Vijay Mallya, is ecstatic these days as he prepares to marry his long-time partner, Jasmine. Sidhartha shared the joyous news on social media, delighting his followers with a picture alongside Jasmine and expressing his excitement for their upcoming wedding celebrations. As they gear up for marriage, let’s delve into who Jasmine, Sidhartha Mallya’s fiancée and future wife, really is.

Who Is Sidhartha Mallya’s Fiancée, Jasmine?

Jasmine, soon to be the wife of Sidhartha Mallya, is widely recognized on social media with a large and devoted following. Based on her posts, it appears Jasmine resides in the United States and has a passion for travel and nature. She frequently treats her followers to stunning snapshots from her journeys, offering them intriguing glimpses into her life.

Sidhartha Mallya-Jasmine Love Story

Jasmine and Sidhartha’s romance grew steadily, leading to their engagement in October 2023 following a year of courtship. They bonded over mutual interests, particularly their shared passion for the ‘Harry Potter’ series, which they commemorated with matching tattoos. These tattoos symbolize their connection and the meaningful experiences they share. Besides her personal life, Jasmine is actively engaged in advocating for causes that hold significance to her.

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