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Who Is Madhav Mahajan? All You Need To Know About The Doctor Turned Singer!

Madhav Mahajan is a 27-year-old Indian singer and music composer who is now a well-known face in the Punjabi pop industry, with hits like ‘Chann Vi Gawah’ and ‘Mann Baawreya’

Madhav Mahajan is a doctor by profession and holds a bachelor’s degree in MBBS but he has made a major career switch by following his passion which is singing.

Madhav loved music from a very early age as he could be found humming songs as young as 3 years. His passion for singing was very evident from his childhood days as he used to win all the competitions he participated in. Even his major struggle was shifting his career and hooking strings with whom he had no ties attached as he comes from a family of doctors.

His first song called Blame was released with T-Series Punjab. He then knew no stopping. His song Mann Bawreyya was a major hit not just on youtube but the now-defunct tik too as well. He then sang very popular songs such as habit, there hone se, Laut Aja, and chann vi gawaah.

Chann vi gawaah featured his beau Angela Krislinzki and it has amazing soulful lyrics and melody. It was a major hit and it was also directed by the hitmaker Navjit Butter. He shot to fame with this one.

With numerous hits to his credit, Mahajan has also opened his own label named One Music. Madhav Mahajan won the most promising male singer of the year with the AspiringShe digital magazine. A gym enthusiast, Mahajan is open about his personal life on social media and has a huge following on Instagram

Mahajan served the people during the lockdown from his house in Chandigarh and there is a huge human angle to the soft-spoken kind-hearted Madhav.

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