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Who Is Chum Darang- The Actress Playing Bhumi Pednekar’s Girlfriend In Badhaai Do

Know more about the new diva in town, Chum Darang, who will be seen playing Bhumi Pednekar's girlfriend in 'Badhaai Do'.

Movie fans are extremely excited for Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar’s upcoming film called ‘Badhaai Do’. It is a comedy-drama film highlighting the concept of lavender marriage where a male and female get into a marriage of convenience to hide their homosexuality. The trailer was released a few weeks ago and it showed Bhumi Pednekar marrying Rajkummar Rao while she is in love with another girl. The role of Bhumi Pednekar’s girlfriend is played by actor Chum Darang.

Who is Chum Darang?

Chum Darang is a 25-year-old actress hailing from Arunachal Pradesh. She started her career as a model and represented her state in Miss Earth India, a beauty pageant in New Delhi. She has been a part of several other national and international beauty pageants and has also featured in many advertisements alongside Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, amongst others.

The actress is also a social activist and was recognized by the Governor of Arunachal for her work. She currently lives in Mumbai to make a shining career in the Bollywood industry. Badhaai Do is her first Bollywood film.

Chum Darang has been a victim of racial discrimination and has openly raised her voice against it several times. In 2018, she posted a picture holding a poster with the words “I AM AN INDIAN” written with a black marker. The caption read, “Dear Prime Minister Of India, How long will we be treated as aliens in our own country? A deprived citizen, Miss Chum Darang, Village Misram, Pasighat, East Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh, India.”

She also shared her experience in Mumbai. The actress said, “My first experience in here was a bit cold because of the scenes that I had to go through. I am a victim of racial discrimination. I know it’s a minor thing to be called a problem but being called names and being treated as a foreigner and getting those stares scare us, and harass us in many ways. It’s everywhere.”

She added, “My name is not ‘momo’, ‘chow chow’, ‘chinky’ and most importantly it’s not ‘CHINESE’ as it’s the most common name you use for us!!!! I have a name and it’s CHUM, and the Rest of us have names too. I am an Indian and nothing can change that, you cannot change that.”

Chum Darang recently revealed how she bagged a role in Badhaai Do. She said, “I saw this casting ad on FB and I randomly texted the team and went for my auditions and it just happened.”

Further talking about the discrimination, she said, “When I was called for my audition for Badhaai Do and this was in March 2020, on my way to the venue, two boys shouted ‘corona’ at me and I started crying. For my audition, I had to do a scene that required me to shout and I could actually do it really well because of that incident.”

Badhaai Do is set for a theatrical release on February 11.

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