When Villain Ranjeet Didn’t Want To Sleep With His Wife

In an exclusive chat, Bollywood villain Ranjeet narrates an incident when he asked his wife Nazee to sleep in another room.

80-year-old Ranjeet is known for his villainous roles in Bollywood. He began his career in 1970 with Sawan Bhadon and rose as a ruthless villain with Sharmeelee. On-screen, he smoked, he drank, he molested women and made us hate him as a man. While on-screen he always wanted to get in bed with other women; in real life, he once asked his wife to sleep in another room.

During an exclusive interview with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, veteran actor Ranjeet made the revelation himself. The conversation began with Ranjeet admitting that he is a vegetarian while his wife and kids love non-veg food.

Ranjeet, who has followed a strict vegetarian diet throughout his life, said, “I don’t even know the taste of mutton”. Interestingly, he got married to Nazee, who was an ardent non-vegetarian lover. Ranjeet told, “She told me after marriage that she was a staunch non-vegetarian. She told me that she used to catch the chicken in her toes and just break the neck. After marriage, I said in a fun way, “Darling, you sleep in other room, I’ll sleep in other room. Pta laga, raat ko mundi pakad ke..(laughs).”

Nazee told, “I love non-veg food. I later realised that I could not digest non-veg food at all. It was giving me problems. So, I thought that it is something like smoking cigarettes. If I have to give it up, I’ll have to give it up completely. So, I took a mannat and gave it up. But when I was expecting my kids, I again got the urge to eat it. So, even if you have mannat, but if you are expecting kids and you get the urge then you have it. Both my kids are ardent non-veg eaters. And believe me, during those months of my pregnancies, I could digest it perfectly. But immediately after the delivery, I couldn’t digest it again. So, me leaving the non-veg has nothing to do with Ranjeet.”

Ranjeet said, “But what a lovely wife. She gave me two beautiful children also. My son’s film (Govinda Naam Mera) was recently released. I feel so proud that he didn’t make me feel embarrassed or make me feel worried about his career.”

Ranjeet had two children- a son named Jeeva Bedi and a daughter named Divyanka Bedi. Jeeva was seen playing a pivotal role in Vicky Kaushal’s film Govinda Naam Mera. Ranjeet’s daughter Divyanka doesn’t want to be an actress and is inclined towards fitness and fashion.

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