When Veteran Actor Jairaj Said, “Uss Zamane Me Paise Kam Milte The, Lekin Pyar Milta Tha”

The film star revealed playing the main lead role in 165 movies out of the 300 movies in which he acted in.

Jairaj, popularly known as P. Jairaj, is a popular actor, director, producer of his times who has widely worked in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi & Telugu Film industries. The actor made his on-screen debut in 1929 with a silent film, Star Kling Youth & subsequently worked in numerous movies of the same kind like Triangle Of Love, Mathru Bhoomi, All For Lover, Mahasagar Mothi & many more. The Star actor has also featured in several hits like Singaar, Amar Kahani, Baadbaan, Hatim Tai, Raj Mukut & others. Mega stars like V. Shantaram, Ashok Kumar, Prithviraj Kapoor & Motilal were his close contemporaries during the retro era. Jairaj was honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his unmatched contribution to Indian Cinema in the year 1980.

In a Flashback Interview with Lehren, Jairaj once got candid about American Films, his contemporaries, cinema & films of the retro era and many more interesting topics with a cinematic reference.

On talking about cinema & films in India, Jairaj expressed that movies made in the Indian Film Industry during his cinematic period were highly inspired & learnt by American Films. He also praised the actors working in the same including Douglas Fairbanks, Richard Talmadge, Eddie Polo, Paul White & others.Jairaj also elaborated about his female co-stars & contemporaries like Sulochana, D. Billimoria, Gohar Mamajiwala, P.K Raja Sandow in a much respectful manner. The artist revealed that legendary actor Sohrab Modi’s wife – Mehtab was also his co-actor in a silent film. The Multilingual film star especially appreciated stage actress Durga Khote for her spectacular performance in her debut movie, Ayodhyecha Raja.

While elaborating upon his stellar filmography, Jairaj mentioned playing the main lead role in 165 movies out of the 300 movies in which he acted in. The Raj Mukut fame legend also stated that actors in those times used to garner more love and affection from fans & fraternity despite the money being involved was comparatively less, “Uss Zamane Me Paise Kam Milte The, Lekin Pyar Milta Tha,” he added. The veteran personality stated that items like tea, beverages & food were not provided by the producers & the actors had to arrange the same from their pockets, unlike the scenario of the current era, Yet those times were still golden in his memory.

While concluding, Paidi additionally discussed about the evolution in films and camera techniques in the world of cinema. Watch the Veteran Star’s only & Exclusive interview with Lehren.

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