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When Sushmita Sen Asked Daughter Renee To Find Out About Her Real Parents

Sushmita Sen reveals that she offered her daughter Renee a chance to find out about her real parents. Here's what she replied!

Sushmita Sen isn’t just known for her accomplishments in the glamour industry but is also known for her personal life choices. She was just 24 and at the peak of her career when she adopted her daughter Renee. And a few years later, she again adopted a girl named Alisah.

In an interview, Sushmita revealed that she doesn’t want to keep secrets from her daughters. And therefore, on Renee’s 16th birthday, she offered to help her daughter find out about her biological parents when she turned 18.

Sushmita revealed in an interview, “I told her we don’t know if the court has the names of her biological parents but there is information in an envelope which is only rightfully hers after she turns 18. I didn’t want to give her the wrong information because I did not want her to go there and get her heart broken. I told her, ‘I’ll take you whenever you’re ready… we must go.’ She told me, ‘But why do you want me to go find out?’”

Sushmita took a break from work after adopting Alisah. She left no stone unturned to raise the girls. The actor has proved to be a real role model for all women.

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