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When Sunny Leone Was Boycotted From Award Shows

On International Women's Day, Sunny Leone recalls being boycotted from award shows.

Adult star turned Bollywood actor and entrepreneur Sunny Leone has lived quite an unconventional life. On International Women’s Day 2021, she expressed how she was criticized and judged at every point of life, but she went on to become a self-made woman.

Sunny recalled receiving hate emails at the age of 21, judgemental and sexiest comments, being criticized for her dance moves, no offers and support from family and industry fraternity and also getting boycotted from award shows.

Back in September 2017, Sunny Leone had talked about the time when she was boycotted from award shows in India. She said that the bigwigs of the film fraternity were not even ready to share the stage with her. She also confessed that she didn’t make any real friends in the industry. 

Sunny now says that she has delivered hit item songs like ‘Baby Doll’, she is a successful entrepreneur, has started her own family and she is proud to be a self-made woman.

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