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When Shaan’s Father Composed His Last Song For Kishore Kumar In Hospital

Shaan recalls when his father Manas Mukherjee composed his last song for Kishore Kumar in the hospital.

Singer Shaan has been an integral part of the Indian music industry. He has delivered many hit songs in his career. But did you know that his father was a part of the Hindi music industry too? Well, Shaan’s father, Manas Mukherjee was a Kolkata-based singer, composer and lyricist, who composed several albums in Hindi. He was just 43-years old when he passed away in October 1986.

Singer Shaan will soon be seen in KBC 13’s Shaandaar Shukravaar’s episode as he plays the game with Sonu Nigam. In the show, Shaan talks about his father and how he composed his last song for Kishore Kumar in the hospital.

In the show, Mr. Bachchan will be seen asking Shaan if he ever got the opportunity to spend some time with the legend Kishore Kumar. Shaan recalls, “This is around 1986 in August-September when my father was recording music for a Bengali film. He already had a cardiac arrest earlier, but he composed this song in the hospital and Kishore Da came to the studio to sing the song, even I had gone. I remember he was wearing a black silk lungi-kurta. The song got over and both of them were walking together under one umbrella. That is the day I realized that my father is someone! Kishore Da sang the song but the camaraderie… I don’t know what were they laughing about, but looking at them, seeing his hand over my father’s shoulders was something. So, that day I realized that my father is also a huge personality!”

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