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When Rishi Kapoor Said, “All Hindi Movies Are Same”

Rishi Kapoor once acknowledged that all Hindi films are same and also revealed the reason behind the same.

If you are a Bollywood fan, you would know that the industry has hit a rough patch this year. Mega budget films are failing and the biggest of superstars are being dismissed. For a long time, Bollywood relied on love stories and when it underwent a transformation, it found a safe formula of remakes or biopics. But introspection is necessary. Back in the 90s, Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor analyzed his filmography and made some wise decisions for himself. He acknowledged the fact that all Hindi films are the same.

In the late 90s, Rishi Kapoor said during an interview with us, “People always say in interviews that their films are different. I am like ‘what’s different in this?’ All Hindi films are the same. Your role might be a little varied but I’ll tell you why our films are not different. It’s because we always make love stories only. We make musical love stories. So no matter if you play a policeman, lawyer, doctor or businessman, you will sing songs eventually. 50 dancers will dance behind you. So why do we say that our movies are different?”

Today, in 2022, actors in their 50s are freely romancing actresses half their age. However, Rishi Kapoor, before turning 50, took a wise decision to discontinue taking up romantic roles. He said, “I am not that young to play a romantic hero anymore. I won’t do it. Unless it has a different story and is different from what I have been doing all these years. I have worked for 25 years. 25 years is a long time. I will continue acting but only when I get good roles. People have tolerated me for a long time. I am very thankful about that.”

Rishi Kapoor indeed made some wise decisions in his career. That’s the reason he sustained till the very end. His last few films like Kapoor And Sons, 102 Not Out and Mulk are some of his best works. His last film Sharmaji Namkeen was released after his demise. The actor couldn’t even complete the shooting of this film as he was battling cancer. Paresh Rawal graciously stepped up and played his part.

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