When Rekha Was Forcefully Kissed By Biswajeet Chatterjee Without Consent On The Set

Did you know that when Rekha was 15 years old, she was forcibly kissed by 30-year-old actor Biswajeet? And that scene wasn't mentioned either.

Rakha is the most beautiful woman on the silver screen of Hindi cinema. With all her struggles, she made it to the top. She admires everyone for her magical acting. While Rekha is known for her extensive filmography, she has also led quite a controversial life. Some of her controversies were also highlighted in her biography, ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’.

Rekha began her acting career in 1969, when she was just 15 years old. The actress most likely has sad memories of the Kuljeet Pal-directed movie Anjaana Safar. Rekha has written about this incident in depth in her book, revealing that actor Biswajeet Chatterjee gave her a forced kiss when they were filming.

According to the book, Biswajeet and Kuljeet made a plan, which we call “molestation” today. An intended romance scene was being shot during the first schedule of the movie at Bombay’s Mehboob studio. Rekha, a teenager, wasn’t told anything about the situation or what was expected of her.

Instead, she was raised up in front of the camera, the director yelled “action,” and then Biswajeet tightly held Reka in his arms and pursed his lips on her. She was completely shocked by his behavior, and that scene wasn’t mentioned either. The director did not order a “cut,” and Biswajeet did not release Rekha, which made matters worse.

Rekha stood there with her eyes closed and was inconsolable as he continued kissing her for a whole five minutes as the other members of the unit cheered and whistled. The movie encountered numerous censorship issues and wasn’t released until 1979 as Do Shikaari. The kissing scene, however, became well-known after it was featured in a 1969 article about “India’s Kissing Crisis” in the Asian edition of Life Magazine.

The article covered the publication of the Khosla Committee Report, which asserted that kissing or nudity can’t be banned unless a court of law judges it obscene. This story, as well as many other fascinati

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