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When Ranbir Kapoor And Anurag Basu Fired Govinda From Jagga Jasoos

Govinda was signed for the film 'Jagga Jasoos' but was later fired by Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor.

Jagga Jasoos is a film that not only the audience regrets watching but also the people who were associated with the film regret working on it. One of them is Ranbir Kapoor who not only acted in the film but also produced it. Ranbir calls it the worst business decision of his life. It took 4 years to make the film.

Director and co-producer Anurag Basu pointed out a couple of reasons for the same. He told how Pritam wanted time to make the music and how Ranbir was busy promoting four films and didn’t focus enough on Jagga Jasoos. But then he also blamed Govinda who had a cameo role but his scene was later deleted. The makers had literally fired Govinda from the project and it became one of the biggest controversies of that year.

Anurag Basu said, “There was confusion if Govindaji is coming on the set, or is he cancelling the flight, or is he taking the fight, or are we cancelling shoot? It was so unpredictable. I couldn’t have taken that stress, yaar. We were shooting outdoor in South Africa, everything was lined up. I just had to let go of him.”

Several negative stories were published about the unprofessional behavior of Govinda. However, he then presented his side of the story. Govinda told, “I did my job as an actor and if the director is not happy it’s completely his call. I was unwell and on drips but still, I travelled to South Africa and did my shoot. I was told they will narrate the film in South Africa and I dint even charge my signing amount, made no contracts. I gave full respect to Kapoor family. I did the film because he is my senior’s son. I was told I will get the script.”

The controversy fueled so much that Ranbir Kapoor stepped forward to end it all. He admitted that it was their fault and not Govinda’s. Ranbir said, “It is our fault, Basu and mine. We had started this film prematurely, without a complete script. The character had completely changed, and the film was taking so long. It is very irresponsible, and very unfair to cast a great legend like Govinda and not do justice to his role. We are apologetic, but it is the best thing for the film so we had to cut that track out.”

The film turned out to be a disaster anyway and Rishi Kapoor publically blamed Anurag Basu for the film’s failure.

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