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When Neetu Chandra Was Offered To Be Salaried Wife Of A Businessman

Neetu Chandra confessed suicidal thoughts and when she was offered to be salaried wife

Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra was once known for her superb performance. She made her Bollywood debut with Priyadarshan’s Garam Masala in 2005, she was also a part of other films like Traffic Signal and 13B. She worked with many famous directors including 13 National award winners. However, after 2010, Neetu did not appear in any major project and gradually she disappeared from commercial cinema. But for the past few days, Neetu Chandra is in limelight. Neetu is in the headlines in recent times due to her statements.

In a recent interview, Neetu compared herself to Sushant Singh Rajput and asked why an artist gets so much recognition after death. She said in the interview, “Should I put myself to death? Is their work appreciated only after people leave? The step which Sushant Singh Rajput took.. Many people think like this.”

When she was further asked about this, why did such thoughts come to her mind? To this Neetu said, “Meri story ek successful actress ki failure story hai. Having worked with 13 National award winners, today I have no work.” Neetu further revealed another heartbreaking incident in her life where she was offered to be a salaried wife of a businessman. She said: “I was told by a big businessman that he will give me 25 lakhs per month and that I have to become his salaried wife.”

Neetu later asserted that she has no money to do PR, and sometimes she feels helpless and unwanted. The Apartment actress also spoke about how a famous casting director refused her work. Neetu said, “A casting director, who is quite famous but I don’t want to take the name, rejected me in an hour after the audition. I mean he called me for the audition only to reject me so that my confidence breaks.”

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