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When Jackie Shroff Used To Live In Chawl And Stand In Line To Use Public Toilets

Revisiting the struggle story of Bollywood superstar Jackie Shroff.

Bollywood megastar Jackie Shroff didn’t have an easy life. He struggled his way through to earn name and fame. Jackie had dropped out of school after his 11th standard as his family did not have much money. He did small jobs to earn two square meals a day. He lived in a chawl in Mumbai and faced many hurdles in life.

In 2016, his son Tiger Shroff had opened up about the struggles of his father. He told,  “My mother used to constantly tell me about my father’s life before he became an actor. She had been with him much before he became a star. He used to stay in a chawl in Walkeshwar, in Mumbai, in an area called Teen Batti, with his family.”

He further revealed, “Even after becoming an overnight superstar with his first film, Hero, he continued to stay there for a good five to six years. Chawls have public bathrooms, and he used to wait in line to do his business in the morning. I remember him telling me that after becoming a star, the only advantage was that the other residents used to let him cut the queue. He’d request them to let him go early, because he would be getting late for a shoot. I’ve heard so many such stories about him.”

Tiger told that despite facing so many struggles, Jackie ensured to give his children a normal childhood.

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