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When Cops Barged In During Vir Das’ Stand-Up Comedy Show

After comedian Munawar Faruqui's arrest, Vir Das shared an incident when cops barged in the middle of his show over a controversial joke.

A month ago, comedian Munawar Faruqui was arrested in Indore for allegedly making indecent remarks against Hindu Gods. His arrest has started a debate on treatment of the minority, a debate on the level of intolerance in the world’s largest democracy, and how comedy has become a serious crime in the country.

Several comedians have raised their voices against his arrest. Recently, Vir Das highlighted the level of intolerance by giving his own example. The celebrated comedian appeared on Lilly Singh’s late-night talk show in which he shared how a joke got him into a trouble so serious that the police barged in the middle of his show.

He shared that he was once doing a show in Delhi and he made a joke about late former President APJ Abdul Kalam.  He said that soon the stadium was filled with cops because someone in the audience found the joke offensive. He further told that when he met the former president years later, Vir was surprised as APJ Abdul Kalam had heard the joke and even liked it.

Vir Das said one thing to Lilly which makes much sense if we think it through. He said, “I’ve gotten into trouble because of jokes that I made, but I often find that the people who you are making a joke about, never have a problem. It’s people who have sex degrees of separation, in love with that person, they have a problem.”

Well, do you agree with his point of view?

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