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When Anupam Kher Talked About The Pain Of Not Having A Child

Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher have been married since 1985. However, the couple doesn't have a child together.

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher has achieved many milestones in life. He has built a successful career without any godfather. Also, he has a loving family. However, Anupam never got a chance to enjoy fatherhood.

Anupam is married to actor and politician Kirron Kher. They met in a theatre group when they both were struggling and got married in 1985. However, Kirron was previously married to businessman Gautam Berry. Kirron and Gautam were also blessed with a son whom they named Sikandar. However, their marriage wasn’t working and they parted ways.

When Anupam and Kirron married, Sikandar was four-years-old. Anupam welcomed him with open arms and treated him like his own child. However, he misses having his own child.

Kirron and Anupam tried to conceive a child together. They even took medical help for the same. However, nothing worked out.

Anupam had once talked about this pain in his life. He had said during an interview, “Sikander was four years when he came to me. He has great love and respect for me and is my friend. What my father was to me, I am to him. But to say that I don’t miss having a child of my own will be a lie because I do and that has nothing to do with him. I do sometimes miss the joy of seeing your child grow up and being your extension.”

Despite having many hurdles, the couple has stuck together. Kirron is currently fighting a battle against blood cancer and Anupam is by her side.

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