When Ajit Khan Disclosed Why & How He Transformed From Hero To Villain

Actor Rajendra Kumar made Ajit Khan play a villain in his movie 'Suraj' which led him to become one of the legendary villains in the industry. 

An actor gets reorganization from people for the kind of role he or she performs and after a point, audiences get comfortable seeing that actor in a specific category of roles like villain or hero. But there are a few actors who experiment with their roles, who try to shift from positive characters to negative characters. In fact, there are few actors who play villains after being an established hero or the second lead and veteran Ajit Khan is one of them. There came a point in his life when he decided to play a villain in the movies. Fortunately, his portrayals of villains were so strong that people accepted Ajit Khan as a villain.

Ajit Khan worked in nearly 89 films and was a hero for almost 20 years. He played the protagonist in ‘Beqasoor’, ‘Nastik’, ‘Mikan’, ‘Bada Bhai’, ‘Biradari’ and others. But Ajit Khan presented himself as an antagonist through the movie ‘Suraj’ for the first time ever. Sharing the reason behind this shift in his career with Lehren, he said that during 70s and 80s, the actor whose movie celebrated silver jubilee was only recognized as a successful hero and if an actor gave his best performance in a movie, but the movie didn’t complete its 25 years, then people used to consider him as unlucky artist.  The Zanjeer actor said, “Duniyaa mein kaisa bhi bada hero ho, thode barason ke baad woh bore karane lagata hain (No matter how popular actor he is, he gets bored after a few years).”

Ajit thought before audiences got bored by him, he should start something else and then his beloved friend Rajendra Kumar pushed him for playing an antagonist in the film. He further continued, “Rajendra Kumar sahab ne mujhe mashavara diya, ‘dekhiye Ajit Sahab, ab colour ka zamanaa aaya hain aur badi mehengi mehengi picture banne lagi hain, toh ab aapko hero ka chance koi dega nahin. Ek picture hum Madras mein bana rahe hai jisme mein hero hoon, Vyjayanthimala heroine hai. Aapke liye villain ka role hai aur aap kar rahe hai toh I will be very comfortable’ (See Ajit Sir, now it’s time for colour and many big budget films are under production, so now you won’t get any chance to play a hero. I am making a film in Madras. I am the hero and Vyjayanthimala will play the heroine. There is a villain’s role for you and if you are doing that I will be very comfortable).” 

Ajit Khan played the role of Prince Pratap Singh in the movie Suraj, released in 1966. And after that, he played villains in many movies. Some notable movies are ‘Zanjeer’ and ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’. Watch this exclusive interview to know about the most interesting cinematic journey of Ajit Khan. 

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