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What’s Pankaj Tripathi Planning For Valentine’s Day 2022?

Check out what’s Tripathi planning for his wife and ladylove on Valentine’s Day 2022.

The actor who turned gangster Kaleen Bhaiya into a household name, who became the dad who provided the wind beneath Gunjan Saxena’s wings and who was the manager who believed in Kapil Dev’s team at the 83 World Cup, had decided early in life that he’d have only a love marriage. He met Mridula way back in 1993 when he was still an unknown Bihari boy and after much courtship, they got married on January 15, 2004.

Theirs is a love story that has blossomed and grown with the years.

So what’s Tripathi planning for his wife and ladylove on this Valentine’s Day?

“Every day is Valentine’s Day,” said the romantic during a phone conversation, before chuckling that his wife was looking at him to see what his answer was going to be. 

Kisi bhi din ko lekar prem ka din ho sakta hai, any day is good for love,” he replied. “I have no plans for Valentine’s Day. I never did.”

The actor with the wide variety of roles under his belt is known to be at home in the kitchen.

Haan, khaana banana mera shauq hai,” he said. “But these days I don’t get the time to really cook.”

To indulge in his favourite pastime, he cooks during shooting.

“I take vegetables cut from home and cook on the set,” he disclosed. “I have made a small kitchen in my vanity van. Just a couple of days ago, I made mixed vegetables, and my makeup man and spot boy said it was very good.”

Pankaj Tripathi himself eats non-vegetarian food, “Rarely. Maybe twice a month. I prefer vegetarian food.”

On Valentine’s or any other day, he loves rustling up one of his signature dishes for Mridula and daughter Aashi.   

Bharathi S Pradhan

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