What Made Dilip Kumar An All-Time Legend – Prem Chopra Reveals!

In an exclusive interview, actor Prem Chopra remembered Dilip Kumar and talked about his dedication towards cinema.

Dilip Kumar is a legendary name in Hindi film industry. He introduced method acting in Indian cinema and dominated the entertainment industry from late 1940s throughout 1960s. He holds the box-office record for a star (male or female) in Hindi cinema with over 80% box-office successes. An era came to an end with his demise in 2021. Dilip Kumar will always be remembered as an all-time legend. In a recent interview, veteran actor Prem Chopra talked about Dilip Kumar’s influence on him and also recalled working with him in some films.

While interacting with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, Prem Chopra said, “I had the good fortune to work with Mr. Dilip Kumar. I worked in 5 films with him- “Kraanti”, “Dastaan”, “Bairaag”, “Duniya” and one more. We had to do a film but he fell sick. When I came to Bombay, my inspiration was only Dilip Kumar. I didn’t have enough money but whatever I had, I used to watch his films. I used to wonder how he acts and how he is so natural compared to other actors who were very loud. Other actors looked like they were creating a drama. When I came here, my ambition was to see him. But I had no opportunity.”

He added, “When I was established in the industry. BR Chopra sent me a message for “Dastaan”. He said, “Dilip Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, yourself and Bindu”. I went to meet him. It was like my dream come true. When I met him on the sets for the first time for a scene I was doing with him, he was extremely hardworking. For each shot, he put in such a labour till the shot becomes perfect. The director would assure him that it’s a perfect shot but he would insist on doing one more time. That’s why he became an all-time legend. Nobody can replace him. He was the best actor India has ever produced. He was the best actor in past, now and in the future also. You can’t use ‘was’. You can only use ‘is’ for him.”

Dilip Kumar worked in films for five decades. He took retirement in 1999. Dilip Kumar’s body of work is a school of acting in itself.

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