Vivek Agnihotri Gets Slammed By Netizens For Opposing Delhi Cops Decision

The Kashmir Files directors get slammed by social media users for calling Delhi Metro Corporation stupid after they take the decision to check ‘objectionable’ behaviour of passengers.

Due to the objectionable behavior of some people in Delhi Metro, many passengers showed their displeasure and were against it as they felt uncomfortable while travelling. Now the Delhi Metro Corporation has said in its order that soon police will be deployed in Metro coaches, both in uniforms and civil clothes, to keep an eye on the behavior of passengers. This happened after a man was seen masturbating inside a metro coach. The filmmaker has reacted to this and slammed it, saying this is so stupid.

The director of The Kashmir Files took to its Twitter handle and posted a picture of cops deployed inside the metro. And he captioned it, “This is so so so stupid.” However, many social media users disagree with Vivek’s point of view and are trolling him badly. Many people are happy with the decision of Delhi Metro Corporation and are slamming the director for spreading hate everywhere.

Reacting to his post, one user wrote, “Why do you suddenly have an opinion on everything. Itne saal so rahe the yaa kashmir file success kaa bukhaar dimaag pe chad gayaa hai. Kabhi kuch appreciate bhi kar liya karo. Hamesha hate speech deke bore nahi hote?

The second user wrote, It is. These Policemen could be use to safeguard citizens from robberies, murders, kidnapping, assaults rather than blocking some obscene behaviours. There r so many other ways in which people could be stopped from these habbits. One is to reward people who report this.

The third user wrote, “Because of people like you we have to do this, don’t know when @vivekagnihotri come and start dancing in train, until Modi is there public have no option.”

The fourth user wrote, “For the first am disagreeing with you sir.. delhi metro has become nusiaance for family goers.. ruined younsters are ruining other with their extra openess public activity.please check what was was going in inside metro.”

The fifth user wrote, “Lol then what’s wrong. I think your next film is metro files/blue files so you are are not accepting this.”

One more wrote, I believe you don’t know what kind of visuals are coming on the SM from Delhi Metro. Bottom line, I am not a , “प्यार की दुश्मन ” but shouldn’t be uncomfortable traveling with my kids. Brother or Father.

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