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Vir Das Urges Bollywood Celebrities To Stop Posting COVID 19 Videos

Ace stand up comedian who is known for his superb comic timing and his ability to tickle the audiences with his funny humorous satirical comedy and also a mainstream Bollywood actor, Vir Das urges Bollywood celebrities to stop posting COVID 19 videos.

Ace Stand up comedian Vir Das who is known for his comedy timing and is also a Bollywood film actor who has created his own place in hearts of audiences and fans with his unconventional film and webseries choices has albeit a whole different take on celebrities posting their coronavirus test videos on social media where, Vir Das urges Bollywood celebrities to stop posting COVID 19 videos.

The nationally renowned comedian and actor thinks that it is not right for Bollywood film stars to upload their COVID 19 videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and trying to spread awareness for the same, Vir Das urges Bollywood celebrities to stop posting COVID 19 videos.

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Taking to his official Instagram handle, Vir Das posted a written note post on his account which clearly mentioned that they should try understanding the plight and struggles of the medical team of doctors who conduct these COVID 19 precautionary tests on them.

His note read, “Celebrities…please stop posting videos of your Covid tests. From the collection to the test, you are literally doing none of the work.The fact you tilted your head back 30 degrees and managed not to sneeze is not engaging content”.

Further, he also wrote, “Been seeing these videos for months now. Hear me out please. There’s someone drenched in a full PPE kit one foot away from you who does this 30 times a day, door to door. You’re not the one struggling. The test sucks for them more”.

Source: Vir Das Instagram. He posted this note on his account to urge the B Town celebrities to stop their COVID 19 test videos on social media.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Vir Das has once again started performing live stand-up comic gigs post the lockdown.

During one of his earlier and previous interviews with a popular digital entertainment portal, he had spoken about the things that he has been doing in the lockdown and said, “I am working out like a beast (laughs). Trying to keep my endorphins up. I have been spending an hour and a half working out at home every day. I am kind of determined to come out of this lockdown a better person and a healthier person. Otherwise, what was it all for?”.

Emphasizing on the importance and need of laughter is always there during his earlier interviews with a leading Indian digital wire agency, he opined, “You are fighting a psychology change. Whenever there is a vaccine, there is a vaccine. If there is a cure, there will be a cure. What you are really asking is when will people be comfortable sitting in a room together and laughing. The only upside I see is that your urge to watch a movie varies, your urge to listen to music varies, but your need to laugh is a daily need. You are always going to want to laugh every single day. Luckily, comedians are in a profession that has unlimited demand. So, at some point, people will return to us”.

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