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Vir Das Has One Advice For People Who Want To Make A Career In Comedy

Vir Das has an important piece of advice for people who want to make a career in comedy.

Times are changing and people are gradually realizing that medical, engineering and teaching are not the only professions in the world that one can pursue. There’s music, graphic designing, fashion designing and countless professions that one can choose for oneself. One such emerging line is comedy. What can be better than getting paid for sharing jokes, right?

And who can be a better inspiration than Vir Das who has achieved greater heights in stand-up comedy on a global level? He was lucky to have a supportive family. He once told, “My father said if stand-up comedy allowed me to live independently and support myself, I should go for it. In a few years, I was getting to do shows and everything fell into place.”

But doing comedy is not as easy as it may sound. It involves observations, content creation and continuous rehearsal.

When asked to give one advice to give to aspiring comedians, Vir Das said, “You need to decide if your interest in theatre is lighthearted or if it’s a passion you want to build on. Getting a break in stand-up comedy is hard, but if it’s the one thing that makes you happy, you can consider giving it a try. The world is becoming a smaller place and there’s more exposure to the quirks of different communities.”

He further said, “A certain breed of performers work very hard and is flawless on stage. That’s the sort of person you should try to learn from. Keep a clear distinction between comedy genres and cultivate each of them in turn.”

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