Villain Ranjeet Was Given Dirty Looks On Dinner With Daughter

During an exclusive interview with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, veteran actor Ranjeet revealed how he was criticized and given dirty looks everytime he stepped out for dinner with his daughter.

Ranjeet has always received polarized reactions from the Indian audience. While some loved him as a convincing ruthless villain on-screen, others hated him for picking monstrous roles that mostly exploit women. Due to his professional choices, he sometimes faced criticism in real life as well. There were incidents when he was given dirty looks even when he went out to dinner with his daughter.

In an exclusive interview, Ranjeet revealed, “Once, a very interesting thing happened with me in Delhi. My daughter, Gigi, was doing fashion designing internship with popular fashion designer Manish Arora. As a father, I was scared to leave my beautiful, young and tall daughter in Delhi all alone. So, I used to go to Delhi every weekend. So that people should know that I am there and she is my daughter. So, she would take me out for dinner every night. So, most of the times, what happened, I used to walk in with her arm-in-arm. With high heels, she looks taller than me. So, people used to give me dirty looks, saying, “Buddha ho gaya hai, abi tak jawan ladkiyon ko leke ghoomta hai. Sharam nahi aati hai isko”.”

Ranjeet’s daughter Divyanka Bedi, who is also lovingly called Gigi, further elaborated, “At some point, dad picked up that people are getting uncomfortable. So, his modus operandi would be: we’d go to a restaurant, we’d sit down. The waiter would come and give him the menu, and on the top of his voice, he’ll be like, “Mujhe mat pucho, meri beti ko pucho. Yeh meri beti hai, vo order karegi. (Don’t ask me, ask my daughter. She is my daughter and she’ll place an order).” So, he’d say this loudly to make sure that everyone knows that he’s not with a young woman but he’s with his daughter.”

Ranjeet then told that the very same people who earlier gave him dirty looks would then come and ask for a picture with us.

Apart from this incident, Divyanka told there hasn’t been any moment where she was bullied or criticized for being Ranjeet’s daughter. She said, “Mom and dad have always kept us humble. They have kept us away from that we are from the film industry. Somehow, I have always made a point to not tell anybody whose daughter I am, they just find out. And when they find out, it’s just excitement.”

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