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Vikram Bhatt Makes Shocking Revelation On Private Bollywood Parties

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt has made a shocking revelation about private Bollywood parties. Here's what he said!

Vikram Bhatt has joined the debate on drug nexus in Bollywood. He revealed how drugs are served on trays in high profile private Bollywood parties. He said in a recent interview, “I have never been to a party where drugs have been taken by anyone. I have been to big parties. Somebody once told me that in some parties, different kinds of drugs are offered in trays. The guests then pick up the drug of their choice. However, I have never seen any such thing in the parties I’ve been to.”

Vikram Bhatt’s daughter Krishna too admitted that such parties happen in Bollywood but she also said that she hasn’t been a part of any of them. She said that Bollywood is being unfairly targeted because it is not possible that other industries don’t have people who consume drugs.

Vikram Bhatt On Targeting Bollywood:

Vikram Bhatt agreed to this and said that it is wrong to target only the Bollywood industry. He said, “Now you tell me that it is possible that the consumption of drugs in the entire country is only in the film industry. Everyone knows that this is not possible. There are rich and high profile people who are not a part of the film industry. But people are trying to get a hold of only Bollywood celebrities who are in the limelight.”

Talking about how NCB is investigating drug connection in Bollywood, he said, “I am not saying that there is no usage of drugs in the film industry. If this is happening in the whole world then must be going on in the film industry too. It seems childish to say and believe that drugs are exclusive to Bollywood. Is the Narcotics Control Bureau created just for the film industry?”

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