Sonam Kapoor TAUNTS Farah Khan For Her Comment On Workout Videos

Sonam Kapoor and her sister Rhea Kapoor have indirectly taunted Farah Khan after she slammed all the actors for posting workout videos during the pandemic. Without mentioning Farah’s name, the Kapoor sisters wrote on their social media handles, “If people wanna work out during this time let them, if they want to bake and cook and make friggin eclairs from scratch let them, if they wanna stay in bed for 22 hours let them. If people wanna work from home 9-5 on zoom let them. Everyone let’s just be kind and good natured and considerate and loving. We should only feel gratitude if we are safe and surrounded by family. We are better than judgment and b****y comments and memes.” She further wrote, “Let’s just make our homes and the world a better place. The last thing the world needs is negative energy because someone on your timeline went live cutting their boyfriends hair and for some odd reason it didn’t sit well with you. Chill. Skip to the next story and remember your blessings.”

25th April 2020 | 06:10 PM (IST)