Sonam Kapoor's ANGRY Reaction On Bois Locker Room

Actress Sonam Kapoor recently took to her social media to express her anger over Bois Locker Room- a group of schoolboys who were degrading women and discussing rape on their group chat on social media. In her Instagram story, she shared a video and wrote, “Who the **** are these gross boys? Name them, shame them and cancel them.” She went on to write, “This reeks of entitlement and gross negligence on their parents part. The parents are to be blamed for raising sons who don’t respect human beings and spoiling them. And boys you should be ashamed.” An Instagram group called 'Bois Locker Room' shared objectionable pictures of women and also glorified rape on their group chat. The group allegedly comprises schoolboys and they have also discussed methods of raping women.

8th May 2020 | 12:44 PM (IST)