Shahrukh Khan Pays Emotional Tribute To Rishi Kapoor

The entire nation is mourning the sudden death of Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. And so is Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan who made his Bollywood debut alongside Rishi Kapoor in 1992 film Deewana. Remembering those days, Shahrukh Khan wrote on his social media, "As a young man entering the daunting world of films, I was insecure about the way I looked and afraid that I was not talented enough. The thought of failing meant nothing though, because even if I failed, I would have worked with the greatest actor I knew of - Rishi Sahib. On the first day of the shoot, he sat for my scene to finish after pack up, then with that famously radiant smile on his face he said "yaar tujhme energy bahut hai’. That day in my head I became an actor! Few months ago I met him and thanked him for accepting me in that movie, he had no idea how he had encouraged me.” Paying his emotional tribute, Shahrukh further wrote, "Few men have the capacity for grace as he did, fewer still have the large heartedness of feeling genuine happiness for the success of others. I will miss him for many things, but more than all of them, I will miss him for his gentle pat on my head every time we met. I will keep it in my heart always, as the 'Ashirwaad' that made me who I am today. Will miss you Sir, with love, gratitude and immense respect...forever."

2nd May 2020 | 03:37 PM (IST)