Salman Khan Gets Slammed Amid TikTok Vs YouTube Controversy

Video app Tik Tok is currently making news for all the wrong reasons. The controversy started when YouTuber Carry Minati roasted the platform and its influencers in a video and it went viral. On the other hand, TikTok influencer Amir Siddiqui called out several YouTubers in an Instagram video. Since then, people are asking for a ban on TikTok in India. Amid all this, people also shared several controversial videos on TikTok that glorified religious unrest, domestic abuse, acid attack, rape etc and #TikTokExposed trended on social media. And now, singer Sona Mohapatra has dragged Salman Khan for his controversial life. While talking about TikTok influencer Faisal Siddiqui’s controversial videos, Sona wrote on Twitter, “Demeaning women is normalized in our culture. We grew up with stories of Salman Khan breaking bottles on his girlfriend’s head in public, yet the country’s biggest star? Needs to stop. If you are unaware, it is said that Salman apparently smashed a Coca Cola bottle on his Pakistani girlfriend, Somy Ali's head. This incident was buried so deep that Somy Ali herself refused to talk about it.

20th May 2020 | 12:53 PM (IST)