Rishi Kapoor Was To Shoot THESE 2 Films This Year

Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and he then moved to New York to get his treatment. And after getting treatment for almost a year, he had come back to India last September to get back to his normal life. He had even signed two projects. He was to be seen in films titled ‘The Intern’ and ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’. The Intern is the remake of a Hollywood film of the same name. Rishi Kapoor was to star alongside Deepika Padukone. Talking about the film, Rishi Kapoor had said, "The Intern is a very relevant film for the present-day Indian workplace and it showcases human relationships beautifully. I am very excited to be working with Deepika and being a part of this heart-warming story.” His other film ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ was at the filming stages. Rishi Kapoor was to star opposite Juhi Chawla with whom he had collaborated in films like Bol Radha Bol and Eena Meena Deega. The movie's shoot was almost complete, with only a few days remaining. A few months ago, Juhi Chawla wrote on her Twitter, “Wishing 'SHARMAJI NAMKEEN ' all the very very best, as shooting starts to roll !! May it be one of the most charming films of 2020 ..!!” We now have to see if these projects will replace Rishi Kapoor or will they get canceled altogether.

5th May 2020 | 05:50 PM (IST)