Katrina Kaif Reveals How Lockdown Has Changed Her Life

People are locked in their respective houses for over 50 days now due to the rapid spread of coronavirus. Everyone’s life has come to a halt. There have been major changes in everyone’s routine, eating habits and daily lifestyle. In a recent interview, actress Katrina Kaif talked about how the lockdown has changed her lifestyle and how it has also changed her perspective towards life. She said, "The pandemic, followed by the lockdown has surely left many of us introspecting, on how blessed our lives are and how much we take for granted in our normal lives. Also, with the alarming number of cases, I feel we all should work towards at having better immunity through our food habits and lifestyle. It also changed my perspective about life in some ways.” She revealed that the lockdown has helped her to polish her housekeeping skills in the absence of caretakers. She said, "This phase has helped me polish my cooking skills and kitchen skills in a big way. It has helped me improve in managing many household chores at once and has also given me a newfound respect for the homemakers who do it on a regular basis.” She also gave a message to people by adding, "While anxiety is a serious issue, I would suggest that everyone keeps calm, meditate or perform yoga, and think of the brighter side. Think about the days to come after this phase and how to not repeat the mistakes we have been making towards the environment. In this phase whenever I have felt low, I have resorted to meditating, doing yoga, or watching a movie or a show that cheers me up.”

15th May 2020 | 03:45 PM (IST)