Kanika Kapoor Breaks Silence After Recovering From Coronavirus

Kanika Kapoor has finally broken her silence after completely recovering from coronavirus. Last month, after she tested positive for COVID-19, the singer was bashed for not quarantining herself after traveling from abroad, attending parties and putting the lives of others in danger. She was discharged on April 5 after testing negative in 3 consecutive tests. After quarantining herself at her home in Lucknow for 21 days, she has come out to share her side of the story. She took to Instagram and wrote,“I know there are several versions of stories out there about me. I stayed quiet not because I am wrong but in-fact being fully aware that there have been misunderstanding and wrong exchanges of information. I was giving time for the truth to prevail and for people to reach their own realisation." She revealed that she is at her home in Lucknow and spending quality time with her parents. She shared some facts and further wrote, "I travelled from UK to Mumbai on March 10 and was duly screened at the international airport. I travelled to Lucknow the following day on March 11 to see my family. There was no screening set up for domestic flights. On March 14 and 15 I attended a friend's lunch and dinner. There was no party hosted by me and I was in absolute normal health. I had symptoms on March 17 and 18 so I requested to be tested." She also thanked doctors and medical staff for "taking care of her during a very emotionally testing time." She concluded her statement by writing, "Negativity thrown at a person doesn't change the reality."

27th April 2020 | 01:04 PM (IST)