Kangana Ranaut SLAMS Actors For Supporting #BlackLivesMatter

Kangana Ranaut has called out the celebrities of Bollywood for supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement on social media which began after the killing of African-American George Floyd. Kangana slammed the actors for their selective activism and how they stayed silent when violence was happening in their own country. She said in an interview, “The Sadhu lynching happened a couple of weeks ago; still no one said a word. It happened in Maharashtra where most of these celebrities reside…Bollywood anyway is a derived name from Hollywood.” She said that Bollywood celebs live in a bubble and they have pre-independence colonial slavery genes in them. Elaborating on the hypocrisy of celebs, she mentioned how they supported controversial climate activist Greta Thunberg while many Indians continue to do exceptional work in preserving the environment. Actor Abhay Deol also thinks the same. In his Instagram post, he mentioned that how these ‘Woke’ Indian celebs bother about the American far off land but didn’t care much about the minorities and poor people in our own country.

4th June 2020 | 04:49 PM (IST)