Juhi Chawla Shares Her Old Memories With Rishi Kapoor

Actress Juhi Chawla who worked in several films with Rishi Kapoor is devastated by his death. They both collaborated in films "Bol Radha Bol" (1992), "Rishta Ho To Aisa" (1992), "Ghar Ki Izzat "(1994) and "Eena Meena Deega" (1994). Juhi Chawla expressed her sadness and shock by writing, "Shocked!! Saddened beyond words! Devastated Can't believe it ... Not Chintuji ! I feel really really sad . I have many many memories of him ...” Sharing her best memories with him, she said, “My fondest memory of my early days working with him was, so usually actresses take longer getting dressed so I would reach the shoot location early. And by 10 am be absolutely ready. That’s the time Chintuji was to arrive.” She told that Rishi Kapoor would sit under a tree to get his make-up done. And after his make-up man finished his make-up, Rishi would take up the sponge and rub all over his face to clear the make-up and undo all the efforts made by make-up man. And then he would comb his hair himself saying ‘Alright. I am ready.” She also told that he used to have the biggest mirror on set and he would see himself before every shot.

4th May 2020 | 02:24 PM (IST)