Here's Why Rishi Kapoor Never Clicked Pictures With Fans

Rishi Kapoor was one such celebrity who always avoided clicking pictures with fans. Some believed him to be rude and arrogant but he had his reasons behind the same. Juhi Chawla, who worked with him in films like Bol Radha Bol, Ghar Ki Izzat and Eena Meena Deega shared the reason behind Rishi Kapoor’s decision of not clicking pictures. She told, “Chintu ji would get annoyed with fans who came to watch shooting with tiny children and who would push their bawling children in front of us and say, ‘Hmare bacche ko aapke saath photo leni hai..!’ Chintu ji would say to us…how do people do this, their children are frightened, have no clue who we are and their parents instead of saying please may we have a picture with you, torment their children. He came up with a trick…when some such person would come, Chintu ji with a straight face begin to speak formidable high sounding but meaningless English sentences like ‘The Constitution of the American Confederacy will take punitive action against the lordship of the universal intelligence including mankind’s venerable position withholding classified information in toto!’ and then with a straight face conclude, ‘Did you understand?’ The hapless fan by now would be completely confused, stammer and run for his life.” Rishi Kapoor died last week after losing the two years long battle against cancer.

5th May 2020 | 02:11 PM (IST)