Cyclone Nisarga: Celebs Urge People To Stay Safe

Amid the unending fight against coronavirus, Mumbai is gearing up for yet another disaster- Cyclone Nisarga. Bollywood actors have urged the citizens of Mumbai to stay safe and have also guided them to take necessary precautions. Actress Priyanka Chopra, who lives in US with her husband Nick Jonas shared a list of Dos and Dont’s and wrote, “#CycloneNisarga is making its way to Mumbai, my beloved home city of more than 20 million people, including my mom and brother. Mumbai hasn't experienced a serious cyclone landfall since 1891, and at a time when the world is so desperate, this could be especially devastating.” Shilpa Shetty also shared the list of precautions along with helpline numbers issued by the government. She wrote in the caption, “With #CycloneNisarga expected to hit Maharashtra & nearby regions in a few hours, please be mindful of these DOs & DONTs shared by @mybmc. Please call 1916 & Press 4 for any cyclone related query or concern. Stay indoors; stay secure. Praying for our safety.” Actor Akshay Kumar posted a video to spread awareness about cyclone awareness.

4th June 2020 | 11:52 AM (IST)