Bollywood Celebs Call Vikas Dubey Encounter Too Filmy!

Bollywood celebs have reacted to the alleged encounter of Uttar Pradesh based gangster Vikas Dubey. Dubey was being taken to Kanpur from Ujjain, when the police vehicle carrying him met with an accident. Dubey snatched a gun from one of the cops and open fired while attempting to run away. In retaliation, the cops fired at him and Dubey was killed. This is what the cops have told. But people are not ready to buy this story, not even the Bollywood celebs who are calling it ‘Too Filmy’. Actress Taapsee Pannu wrote on Twitter, “Wow! We did not expect this at all !!!! And then they say our bollywood stories are far from reality.” Actress Richa Chadha shared: "Doubt anyone will say that films are farfetched. Isn't this FILMY?" Filmmaker Hansal Mehta wrote, “These stories need a new script.” The social media is filled with such comments calling it a fake encounter. What are your views on the same?

11th July 2020 | 04:35 PM (IST)