AR Rahman And Shekhar Kapur EXPOSE Bollywood Gang Culture

Music composer AR Rahman and filmmaker Shekhar Kapur have exposed the gang culture in Bollywood. Their statement comes after seeing the ongoing rage among people who are slowly and courageously speaking against nepotism, camps and gang culture in the Bollywood industry. During an interview, AR Rahman was asked why he does less work in Hindi film industry in comparison to the regional industry. To this, AR Rahman replied, “I don’t say no to good movies, but I think there is a gang, which, due to misunderstandings, is spreading some false rumours. When Mukesh Chhabra came to me for Dil Bechara, I gave him four songs in two days. He told me, ‘Sir, how many people said don’t go, don’t go to him (AR Rahman) and they told me stories after stories.’ He further said, “I heard that, and I realised, yeah okay, now I understand why I am doing less (work in Hindi films) and why the good movies are not coming to me. I am doing dark movies, because there is a whole gang working against me, without them knowing that they are doing harm.” Filmmaker Shekar Kapur came out in his support and bashed the Bollywood industry with his sarcasm. He wrote in a tweet, “You know what your problem is @arrahman? You went and got #Oscars. An Oscar is the kiss of death in Bollywood. It proves you have more talent than Bollywood can handle…” Well, we wonder if celebrities like AR Rahman have become a victim of gang culture in Bollywood, what happens to the newcomers who are still struggling to make it big in the industry.

27th July 2020 | 04:59 PM (IST)