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Video: Anupam Kher’s Mother Yells At Him For Getting ‘Thin’

Anupam Kher's mother yells at him for getting thin. This cute banter between the mother-son duo is too heartwarming.

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher recently returned to Mumbai after wrapping up the first schedule of the Hindi film ‘Uunchai’. The unit was in Nepal for almost a month to shoot for the film. As Anupam reunited with his mother after one month, he got yelled at by her for getting ‘thin’. Just like every Indian mother who feels that her kid hasn’t eaten enough while being away from her, Anupam’s mother too reacted in a similar fashion.

The actor shared his mother’s video in which she complains that he now looks like a ‘dry fish’. She also mentions that although she has lost some weight, he shouldn’t. Anupam wrote in the caption, “Met Mom after a month. She immediately called me Sukda (very thin). Made unbelievable faces! Then added that I look like a Hoggard, Kashmiri word for dried fish. But then I got two nice shirts. She also liked the prantha I offered her. It is impossible to have a dull moment when she is around!!”

People on Instagram are loving this candid and heartwarming picture. A user commented, “Dulari Rocks. a mother is always a mother, no matter what our age is.”

Another person wrote, “You are you for yourself but for your mother you are a very lovely baby ..she is loving you lots sir ..you are very lucky …my best wishes for you and Charan sparsh to your great mother ..”

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