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Varun Natasha’s Wedding On 24th Jan Confirmed By Uncle Anil Dhawan

According to a recent interview byte by a veteran Bollywood journalist from a leading digital entertainment portal, Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal's wedding on 24th January has been confirmed by his uncle and David Dhawan's brother Anil Dhawan.

Latest interesting tit bit in the much awaited big fat punjabi and bollywood wedding of the year is that Varun Natasha’s wedding on 24th Jan confirmed by uncle Anil Dhawan.

This is an official news now that Varun Natasha’s wedding on 24th Jan confirmed by uncle Anil Dhawan.

Putting an end to all speculative stories and speculations, its indeed approved and out now for public as well that Varun Natasha’s wedding on 24th Jan confirmed by uncle Anil Dhawan.

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David Dhawan’s brother Anil Dhawan who was once upon a time a successful star back in the 1970’s with hit films like Piya Ka Ghar and Annadata (both with Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan), Samjhauta, Chetna and Hawas. Then all of a sudden his career went downhill and collapsed totally wherein then later David also became a big bollywood film director with hit films like Coolie No 1 (1995), Biwi No 1, and many more making him one of the most successful and noted film makers of all times.

Anil also played a very small role of a wealthy businessman in his superstar brother David’s film Coolie No 1 (2020). Now without delving much deeper into their family dynamics and history, we should assume that their relations and bonding with each other’s families are affable and cordial.

During a recent interview byte with a veteran Bollywood film journalist for a leading digital entertainment portal, It was indeed a surprising news for them as sharing his happiness and excitement on his nephew Varun finally getting married, Anil said, “My nephew Varun is getting married on 24 January. I am looking forward to it”.

When asked that would he be attending the wedding, Anil said, “Why not?”.

Furthermore, even though Anil Dhawan has been invited in the wedding, but his son’s name is not there in the invitee’s list.

Also concluding the interview, when the journalist asked why is he not really seen much in David Dhawan’s Bollywood films, on this Anil said, “That’s a good question. I’ve worked with David in Hero No 1, Rascals and Coolie No 1 where the role suited me. Otherwise, I don’t fit into them. I can’t see myself doing the comedy that my brother makes. It wouldn’t suit my personality. In my heydays I had a very sober romantic image. This is why I withdrew from film acting when the action era arrived. I’d have looked ridiculous fighting a bunch of goons”.

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