Urvashi Rautela Gives A Befitting Reply To A Journalist Concerning Rishabh Pant – Netizens say ‘Samajdar’

Urvashi Rautela, the famous actress in the cinema world, is not dependent on any identity today. Urvashi Rautela often remains in the headlines for her personal and professional life. The actress has always been vocal about her thought and has always caught everyone’s attention when anything is related to Rishabh Pant. And now one video is getting viral over the Internet where Urvashi slams the journalist for always asking her related to Rishab Pant.


Actually, in the video, the reporter asked Urvashi what about Rishabh Pant, and in between, he got injured. You had prayed for Rishabh Pant’s safety, and you had prayed for his speedy recovery, so during that time did you have any talk with him or did you receive a message? In response to this question of the reporter, Urvashi flares up and says that. ‘Tell me what you want, just TRP and TRP, no no you say what you want TRP and I will not let that happen.’ Saying this, the actress leaves there.

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The video of Urvashi is going viral, in which the actress is being hailed as a wise woman after she refuses to talk about Rishabh Pant. In the video, you can clearly see that Urvashi was asked about Rishabh Pant and the improvement in his health. She told the reporter that he only sought TRP, and hence she would not talk about RP. While netizens are hailing her samajdaar.

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It seems like Urvashi Rautela has learned that talking about Rishabh Pant has been bringing her massive criticism, and she should refrain from doing it right now. Urvashi is being hailed as a wise woman after she refuses to talk about Rishabh Pant.