Urvashi Rautela Brutally Trolled As She Fails To Explain History Of Her Crocodile Necklace

Some netizens trolled Urvashi Rautela for not being able to talk about the history of necklace while some pointed out at her 'fake accent'.

Urvashi Rautela recently made the headlines for her uniquely designed neckpiece that she wore at Cannes 2023. Urvashi walked the red carpet wearing a pink tulle gown designed by Sima Couture with tiered layers of floral ruffles. What drew everyone’s attention was her Cartier neckpiece featuring two intertwined crocodiles. It was claimed that the Indian beauty was wearing the iconic Maria Felix crocodile necklace. In an interview with Brut India, Urvashi tried the explain the importance and the history of the necklace. However, she terribly failed at it and became a target of Internet trolling.

In the video posted by Brut India, Urvashi can be heard saying, “People who don’t have the right information….those are the people writing bizarre comments about it. But people who know about the history of the jewelry, it is such an iconic piece, so they will fall in love with the crocodile piece. Actually, it is a very iconic piece. People who know the history will get to know about it. You actually have to read about it. It’s very historic. And infact, I wasn’t aware about it, but then I got to know about it that it was worn by Monica Belluci back in 2002 or 2006. And I had absolutely no idea about it.”

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As the video went viral, it invited negative comments for Urvashi. Some trolled her for not being able to talk about the necklace while some pointed out her ‘fake accent’. Check out a few comments:

“When you have to write 8 marks answer but you only know 3 words: iconic, history, crocodile.”

“Her vocabulary is so broken yet she tries the accent.”

“This is NOT the same necklace worn by Monica Belluci.Who is going to tell her?”

“Madém kehna kya chahti ho”

“she herself don’t know much about it.”

“What’s that fake accent?”

“Nice try… don’t try it again..”

“Beauty without brains”

“She wore a cheap copy . Someone please tell her she didn’t wear the original Cartier necklace. Such an embarrassment.”

Meanwhile, jewellery expert named Arundhati De-Sheth has also claimed that Urvashi wore a fake neckpiece. She took to her Instagram story and wrote, “I am hugely confused by this look in general. However, all personal feelings aside, is she wearing the original @cartier Maria Felix crocodile necklace (sic)?!”  

She added, “Going to Cannes in France. Home of @cartier- Then wearing a poor shoddy sad ugly copy of a historic piece. Allegedly representing our nation and pretending to be wearing the real thing. When it’s been hastily crafted in the back of beyond. Shameful @teamurvashirautelaofficial it seems you have not done any homework. We are a land of the most special treasures and jewels that she could have worn instead – this is blatant and so sad (sic).”

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