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Urmila Varu’s Romantic Sad Song ‘Bezubaan Sa’ Goes Viral Amongst Youngsters

Urmila Varu and Anurag Maurya have yet again collaborated for a romantic sad song titled 'Bezubaan Sa'.

Music composer and lyrics writer Urmila Varu has treated the music lovers with a romantic sad song titled ‘Bezubaan Sa’. The song tells us a story about a young couple who is deeply in love & can’t live without each other. However, distances creep in as one of them is offered a lucrative job abroad. The youngsters are finding the music video’s theme quite relatable. And that is why the song is going viral across several audio and video streaming platforms. The beautifully written sad lyrics are touching everyone’s hearts.

Released on May 10, the song has already crossed 5 lakh views on YouTube within a week. The crew associated with this project is now aiming to achieve the milestone of a million views.

‘Bezubaan Sa’ is a romantic sad song composed by Urmila Varu and sung by Anurag Maurya. Aspiring actors Sandesh Gour and Sangeeta Khanayat have been featured in the music video.

As the song went viral, a fan wrote, “Woww listening on loop, very emotional song.. Rula Diya ap ne Urmila ji.”

“Very very soothing voice,” reads another comment.

The song was directed by Jitendra Singh Tanwar at different beautiful locations in Pune.

Urmila Varu is an independent singer, composer and lyricist based in London. She owns a record label company called ‘Music Fitoor’. She has delivered several hit songs in the past and has many interesting projects lined up for release in the near future. Her previous release ‘Kaise Bataun Tujhe’ was also a huge hit. During an exclusive interview, she also revealed that she plans to release a female version of ‘Bezubaan Sa’. She said, “I have up till now, composed 30 plus songs and want to continue doing so as it is my passion. Also Bezubaan Sa female version will be soon released which is in my voice.”

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