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Urmila Varu’s Latest Single ‘Kaise Bataun Tujhe’ Needs To Be In Your Playlist

Music composer Urmila Varu has once again collaborated with singer Anurag Maurya for a song titled 'Kaise Bataun Tujhe'.

Music composer Urmila Varun has returned with a new single titled ‘Kaise Bataun Tujhe’. The song was released on the YouTube channel of B4U Music on Oct 2. Her composition and lyrics are backed by singer Anurag Maurya’s soulful voice.

The video features Abhishek Bhatt and Sangeeta Meena sharing a dreamy chemistry. The four-and-a-half-minute song will make you believe in love at first sight. Jitendra Singh Tomar’s direction has added life to this beautiful composition by Urmila Varu.

Urmila is an independent singer, composer and lyricist based in London. She owns a record label company called ‘Music Fitoor’ which has opened doors of exciting opportunities for struggling artists in the field of music. So far, Urmila Varu has composed over 25 original singles that were released worldwide on major digital platforms. Her songs have been released by big music labels like B4U, Red Ribbons, etc and have been a huge hit amongst music lovers.

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During our exclusive chat with Urmila about her latest release ‘Kaise Bataun Tujhe’, she said, “This song is very special to me. And I am blessed to work with Jitendra Singh Tomar, who is an exceptional director and dedicated producer. Needless to say, singer Anurag Maurya is a gem. He has added soul to my lyrics.”

Kaise Bataun Tujhe Song

Urmila has previously associated with Jitendra Singh Tomar and Anurag Maurya for several projects. And each time, this trio has created wonders in the field of independent music.

Blessed by the audience’s support, Urmila says, “I want to thank everyone who has showered love on our song. I hope they keep supporting in our future projects as well.”

Urmila has no time to sit back and enjoy the success of her latest song. Soon after the release ‘Kaise Bataun Tujhe’, she got herself occupied on her next projects. When asked about the same, she said, “You’ll know about it soon!”

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