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Unseen wives of Bollywood Actors

Here are some of the Bollywood Actors whose wives have been unseen.

Just as we all know there are many Bollywood celebrities who marry other celebrities like sportsperson, business tycoons, etc. But there are also many Bollywood actors who have married ladies they loved before they entered the industry and also those ladies who are nowhere close to becoming famous or coming in the limelight.

In this article, we will share with you a list of some unseen wives of Bollywood actors.

1) Sarita Birje

Sarita Birje is R Madhavan’s wife. Who is a costume designer by profession They tie the know in the year 1999?

2) Parveen Shahani

Emraan Hashmi got married to Parveen Shahani on 14 December 2006. Parveen Shahani is a preschool teacher by profession.

3) Tanya Deol

Tanya Deol and Bobby Deol got marries on 30 May 1996. Tanya is a costume designer by profession.

4) Priya Runchal

Priya Runchal is the wife of John Abraham. They got marries on 3 January 2014. Priya is a Financial Analyst.

Some other unseen wives of Bollywood actors are.

5) Avantika Malik – Wife of Imran Khan.

6) Komal – Wife of Himesh Reshammiya.

9) Seem Sachdev Khan – Wife of Sohail Khan 

10) Anjali Siddiqui – Wife of Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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