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Unfinished: Priyanka Spills On Facing Racism In US Back In 2012

In the latest excerpts from the bestselling memoir book titled Unfinished, globally prominent Bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka spills on facing racism in US back in 2012.

After starting the new year 2021 on a high note professionally with her movie The White Tiger which is getting rave critic reviews and also applauds from audiences and fans, the globally loved bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra is on cloud nine and in the best phase of her life as she also turned into an author with her memoir titled Unfinished. Some new excerpts from this memoir have made its way online, whereby in Unfinished, Priyanka spills on facing racism in US back in 2012.

Few written excerpts which made their way online have taken the internet by storm and is going viral on social media, whereby the Priyanka Chopra fans across the globe can see that how in the memoir Unfinished, Priyanka spills on facing racism in US back in 2012.

Interesting tit bit from the memoir book throwing light on the life of globally loved bollywood and Hollywood star is that in Unfinished, Priyanka spills on facing racism in US back in 2012.

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It also looks like how stellar performer and bollywood starlet Priyanka Chopra has opened on many personal incidents and anecdotes which are deeply related to her life in Unfinished.

Bollywood’s Desi Girl and also a well renowned Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra’s memoir Unfinished is out now and in this best-selling memoir book of hers, Priyanka revealed about how she faced racism in USA back in 2012 and also spilled beans on receiving nasty comments like ‘Go Back To Your Country And Get Gang-Raped’ in her best selling memoir book Unfinished.

Opening up about her Hollywood debut in the book and the kind of bad treatment she received back in West then, she mentioned about how she was so excited about her debut music single In My City and in reality she was asked to go back to India and get gang raped which is a shocking revelation she made in her book.

The excerpt written by Priyanka in Unfinished explaining this entire revelation read, “I remember the thrill of turning on the television the first night it aired and seeing myself introducing the game in a prerecorded announcement, and then watching the upbeat ‘In My City’ promo video along with the millions of others who were tuned in. From where I sat, there was no better way for me and my music to be introduced to mainstream America than through an NFL weekly spot. #GameOn!”.

She furthermore also wrote, “My bubble was quickly burst. The excitement of having my first song debut in the United States on such a huge platform was destroyed by a storm of explicitly racist hate mail and tweets, including – among many, many examples to choose from – What’s a brown terrorist doing promoting an all-American game? and Go back to the Middle East and put your burka on and-years later it’s still hard to write this – Go back to your country and get gang-raped”.

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