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Uncover The Mysteries And Adventures On Amazon Prime Video With The Premiere Of Thrilling Films And Series

Curate your perfect binge-list this week, with exciting titles from across genres only on Amazon Prime Video. Did we hear you say crime and thriller? Well, look no further as Amazon Prime Video presents an exciting week starting with the premiere of Cold Case on 30th June. Step into the world of crime and mystery, but make sure to keep glancing behind your shoulder as the supernatural has a way of creeping into the most unexpected places. With a stellar star cast including – Prithviraj Sukumaran, Aditi Balan and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli and more, the movie is directorial vision of Tanu Balak.

What happens when the life of a regular family guy is disrupted by a single phone call and that too, from the future? From the sands of 2051, a message of being invaded by an alien species reaches the present. The only glimmer of hope is to recruit and transport soldiers and civilians alike to battle against this unprecedented enemy in the future. Embodying the role of a school teacher and family man, Dan Forester must travel to the future to fight for his today. The movie stars Chris Pratt along with Yvonne Strahovski as a scientist and J.K. Simmons as Pratt’s estranged father. Written by Chris McKay and directed by Zach Dean, follows this emotional and action-packed time-warp in the Amazon Original The Tomorrow War starting 2nd July.

Sara’s is the story of a young girl with dreams in her eyes and passion in her heart. Written by Akshay Hareesh and directed by the ‘Ohm Shanthi Oshaana’ fame Jude Anthany Joseph, the film is the journey of Sara, an associate director, as she struggles with societal norms while also trying to make her career as a film director. The film has a talented cast of Anna Ben, Siddique and Sunny Wayne among others. Pondering upon the age-old dilemma of which decisions are right and wrong, will Sara find success in her endeavours? Find out on 5th July as you catch Sara’s only on Amazon Prime Video.

Most heroes aren’t born, they are made. They become consequences of some tragedy or a drastic turn of events. Meet Oliver Queen, a former bad boy billionaire turned local vigilante who now cleans up the streets of Starling City and protects the common folk against corruption, all under the veil of a hood and a cross-bow. With a star cast of Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey in major roles, Arrow comes from the creators Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. Watch all seasons of Arrow on Amazon Prime Video from 1st July onwards.

Cold Case -30 June, 2021 – A Malayalam crime-thriller, Cold Case is a story of a complex murder case, which is investigated by Trivandrum’s most capable officer- ACP Satyajith. As the layers of the case are peeled off, the chills of the supernatural render a regular murder-mystery a cold turn. Navigating through this bizarre investigation, ACP Satyajith and investigative journalist Medha Padmaja cross paths to uncover unimaginable secrets.

The Tomorrow War –2nd July, 2021 – A pack of time travelers from the year 2051, come bearing alarming news from the beyond. Thirty years hence, mankind is fighting a losing battle against a deadly alien species. The only prospect of survival relies on recruiting and transporting soldiers and civilians from the present and onto the battlefield of 2051. The army of the future includes a high school teacher and family man with one goal- to save the future for his daughter. He pairs up with a scientist and his estranged father to defeat the enemy and save the future.

Sara’s- 5th July, 2021 – Sara’s is a story of an associate director named Sara, who is struggling to get her career break with her first film project. Tackling the quarter life crisis, the film follows her journey and her various choices and triumphs leading to the question- will she succeed with her decisions and figure things out in the end?

Arrow (All Seasons) – 1st July, 2021 – Presumed dead after a tragic yacht accident, billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen finds himself stranded on an island. Roughed up by the survival conditions and inhabitants of the land, he returns home to Starling City five years later and a totally changed man. On having learnt of his father’s various scandals he takes an oath to right his father’s wrongs and clean up the city’s corruption. Guised under a hood and armed with a cross-bow, Oliver becomes the Arrow and seeks out justice against those who have failed his city.

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