Twitter Users Point Out 5 Reasons Why Laxmii Is Anti-Hindu

Twitter users are pointing out the reasons why they feel Akshay Kumar's film Laxmii is Anti-Hindu.

Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani’s much-awaited film ‘Laxmii’ has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar. And the film is trending for all the wrong reasons. Firstly, the film has failed to impress the audience on a cinematic scale, and secondly, it is facing backlash for being an anti-Hindu film.

Several Twitter users have pointed out the particular scenes where Hindus and their culture was targeted for absolutely no reason. However, we caught our attention on a Twitter thread in which a user wrote down five points that made Akshay Kumar’s film anti-Hindu.

1-   A Twitter user pointed out that the Hindu Family is still stuck with the Hindu-Muslim debate and Asif that is Akshay Kumar’s character will prove that Rashmi played by Kiara Advani took a good decision of getting married to him who is a Muslim.

People are pointing out that the film promotes love jihad and that why can’t they show a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu man. It’s also upsetting to see that only the Hindu father doesn’t approve of their relationship.

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2-     He then pointed out that Asif ridicules Mata Ka Jagrata by singing a parody of Apna Time Ayega, Uska Time Aayega. With no devotion and everyone just laughing, the scene isn’t going well with Hindus.

3-     Thirdly, Hindu saffron-clad Sadhu is portrayed deceiving people by showing basic chemical reactions as magic. Baba fools people by saying the girl is possessed by a ghost. Asif comes and exposes the Baba while on the other hand, a Maulvi comes in, uses some zamzam water and defeats the ghost.

4-   The Twitter user then writes that Lakshmi, a transgender was born in a Brahim family and no one was ready to accept her and then a muslim man named Abdul Chacha came to her rescue and gave her name Lakshmi.

5-     And last but not the least, the film was already criticized for its name. The film was initially titled ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ and people felt it was an insult to Goddess Laxmi. Though the word ‘Bomb’ was dropped from the title, the film’s content still gives a wrong impression to its Hindu audience.

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These are the thoughts of the audience after watching the film. The team of Lehren doesn’t support hatred of any kind.

Do you also feel that the film provokes hatred? If you have watched the film, do tell us your reviews.