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TVF Aspirants: “TVF ke liye to mai Bench ban jaunga,” says actor Abhilash Thapliyal

TVF Aspirants fame Abhilash Thapliyal got into a candid chat with Lehren and told how he was ready to do any role offered by TVF.

Actor Abhilash Thapliyal has won the hearts of millions of people with his role of SK in latest mini-series TVF Aspirants. However, this isn’t the first time Abhilash has worked with TVF (The Viral Fever). In 2017, he played the role of Suckesh in web-series TVF Inmates.

Abhilash started his career as an RJ. During an exclusive chat with Lehren, Abhilash told how his journey with TVF began.

He said, “I met Arunabh Kumar in 2016-17. I was very new to Mumbai at that time. I got a call from casting agents. They said that they have a small role for me and asked if I was interested. I asked for the details. They said that it was for TVF. I said ‘TVF ke liye to mai bench ban jaunga, piche khada ho jaunga, koi problem nahi hai..aap btao kya role hai.’ (I can become a bench or stand behind for a scene in TVF. Tell me what the role is.)”

“So, I did this character called Suckesh and it got famous. I got so many messages at that time. People thought I was gay because Suckesh was gay,” he further told.

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Further elaborating his meeting with Arunabh Kumar, the owner of TVF, Abhilash told, “I met Arunabh in a party. He appreciated my role in TVF Inmates. So, I told him, ‘Baatein kya kar rhe ho..kaam do na badhiya kuch.’ (laughs). Then we met several times and had many discussions. His fundas in life are very clear. So, he used to tell me what I should so and how I should do. I said, ‘Baaki sab chodo, aap apni company me kaam do na yaar. Aap jo itni achi stories banate ho.’ (Leave all that and offer me some work in TVF. You produce such good stories.)”

“So, I was in Delhi, when I received a call. They said that we are planning this project and we think you can play the role of SK. So, I auditioned for it. Apurv Singh Karki, our director liked it. And thus, I got the role.”

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