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As ‘Tum Bin’ Song Goes Viral, Director Shadab Siddiqui Feels Blessed

Director Shadab Siddiqui feels blessed to have been a part music video 'Tum Bin' that is dedicated to the wives of soldiers.

Director Shadab Siddiqui feels elated with the success of his new song ‘Tum Bin’. The song was released in February this year and has created a special place in the hearts of the audience for its heartfelt storyline. ‘Tum Bin’ is a tribute to the brave women whose husband serve in the Army day and night to protect the nation. It showcases a Bengali woman lost in the thoughts of her husband who is posted at a high altitude. As the story goes into flashback, it shows how the soldier had to leave for his duty on the first night of his wedding. The video stars Abhishek Nigam & Reem S. Shaikh sharing a beautiful on-screen chemistry.  

The lyrics penned by Subhashini Swar Jalalabadi and the soulful voice of Palak Muchhal will strike a chord in your heart.

Tum Bin Song

Director Shadab Siddiqui feels blessed to have been a part of this lovely project. He says that he enjoyed the whole process as it is dedicated to the unsung heroes i.e. the wives of soldiers who make silent sacrifices every day. Shadab is also happy to see the positive reviews rolling in.

Shadab has directed a number of short films in the past. His short film “Where is Najeeb” touched the hearts of millions. Shadab had also directed the super hit song ‘Pal Pal’ that was released by T-Series and garnered over 70 lakh views.

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